A healing touch & path to conscious expansion

Reiki, pronounced (Ray Key), is a hands-on healing art involving the channeling of energy via the hands and Auric field. This energy is called forth from Reiki Masters (in spirit), Archangels, the Masters and Source for the purpose of healing the body, mind, spirit and emotions. 

Reiki is not a religion or creed but rather a simple healing resonance that transforms and uplifts all that utilize it. Reiki allows the practitioner, through attunement, to connect to and channel the Reiki Ray of Spiritual Consciousness and Unconditional Love – it is the love of God & Goddess, All That Is.

Reiki awakens new perception, insight, clarity, and understanding of self and others. Its gentle effects provide a deep resurgence of passion, creativity, beauty, joy and gratitude as a being of light, love and Source energy. With this awakening can come acceptance of self worth, value and the allowing of all forms of healing and abundance in one’s life.  

True healing is not just of the physical. It is expansion of the consciousness and the receiving of light and love from Source. It is being and receiving all that one can be.  

Reiki opens the channels and attracts the flow of light, energy and love that is ones divine right. On the energetic level, illness and dis-ease are a lack of or the blocking of light and love. By receiving and directing this flow into all parts of the body (physical and energetic), ones perfect imprint, or essence of life, can bring about optimum healing, regeneration, balance and well being.  

The recipient is activated to channel the Reiki Ray upon self or with hands on application to others.  Quartz crystal, instruction booklet, Level I Reiki elixir & completion certificate provided. 

The recipient expands their channeling capacity to incorporate absentee healing, and the conscious direction of three of the 5 major Reiki symbols.  Quartz crystal, instruction booklet, Level II Reiki elixir & completion certificate provided.

Level III Reiki 
Expands the recipient into actively working with all 5 of the Reiki symbols fulfilling the master status in Reiki. When a student has completed all three  Reiki attunements they are considered a Master having the capability to attune others. The role of a Master is that of facilitator and channel directing the gentle, yet powerful resonance of the Reiki Ray of life giving and loving energy.  Quartz crystal, instruction booklet, Level III Reiki elixir & master completion certificate provided.

Initially for the purpose of self healing and aligning one more fully to their  spiritual and energetic completeness.  In order to explore higher levels of awareness, knowledge, insight and understanding one must be able to accept, absorb and retain energetic expansion.  This is more readily accomplished by the gentle activation of the Reiki self help process.  One can experience an almost immediate deepening of their connection to higher self, archangels and spiritual counsel.

With the completion of each level, one's ability to accept and retain, energy, insight and knowledge is noticeably strengthened.  

It is not necessary to become a 'healer' upon finalization of the Reiki process.   

We have attuned many students to all three levels strictly for their own personal growth and well being. 

Please contact Sharlleyn for questions and attunement cost.