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Healer's Gold Self healing, upliftment, increased prana, balanced electromagnetics

Healer's Gold

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Self healing, upliftment, increased prana, balanced electromagnetics

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Magnetite & pyrite attract & ground the acceptance & integration of higher frequencies without overload.  It activates unifies co operation, calmness & order into the chakras, spinal system & the subtle & physical bodies.  Pyrite is a very positive, happy & expansive stone capable of transmuting & clearing heavy, burdensome, confusing & depressive states.  It has an uncanny ability to trigger insights, 'new angles' of thought & encourages decisive action out of disruptive energies.  It acts like a quiet guide introducing potential solutions into your thought processes. Healer's gold is an earth element & stabilizes communication with counselors & higher guidance...the volume seems to go up & out providing a new level of connectedness & security.  This is a highly helpful & supportive companion during change, increased creativity & transformation.  

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