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Larimar Lemuria & The Divine Feminine


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Lemuria & The Divine Feminine

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This stone draws forth one's inner balance of the creative feminine.  It's energy was imprinted in the latter days of Lemuria as a conduit to center, clarify & expand frontal brain patterns, balancing of masculine/feminine qualities & the ability to communicate & express through the vocal cords & primary chakra system.  This resonance strengthens, expands & brings into synergy one's intuitive talents, mental clarity & compassion.  Larimar encourages a calm, peaceful approach to the understanding & breaking of negative bonds, attachments & limiting behavior while sustaining the gathering & active use of will, personal power, decisiveness & forward movement?.  It is an excellent creative yet gentle stone of harmonizing the 'God/Goddess' within  For so long one was either strong or weak, bold or withdrawn & life depicted as black or white.  Love, clarity, peace & resolution come from the 'potential of in between & beyond'.  An essence in support of the healing & release of separateness while encouraging you to develop your individual uniqueness.

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