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Purple Anhydrite (Lavender) Love Stone of the higher realms

Purple Anhydrite (Lavender)

Mists Only

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$ 24.00

Love Stone of the higher realms

Product Detail:

An archangel stone, specifically connecting you with Zadkiel & the blending/
merging of self, evolved self & higher dominion.  It contains the angelic love & brilliance of compassion, forgiveness, grace & the freedom of being in wholeness & divinity.  This is a resonance of loving self even more & of recognizing your human side, honoring its beauty & knowing & accepting your true wholeness.  The angelic, faerie & healing realms accept the totality of each of us as the unique & magnificent beings that each of us are right now.  A powerful impetus for self healing, self loving & being in the joy of growth, reaching beyond, change... sometimes error... acceptance, appreciation & compassion for self & others.  It is a sweet, uplifting, expansive & nurturing radiance & an excellent ally of personal & spiritual growth.  

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