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Hematoid Quartz Crystal Stone of accelerated healing, clarity, strength, vitality & abundance

Hematoid Quartz Crystal

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$ 24.00

Stone of accelerated healing, clarity, strength, vitality & abundance

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Iron is one of the key elements needed for body maintenance & healing. It's deficiency is listed (World Health Org.) as a primary issue in our world. This elixir does not replace iron or medical attention. It can however strengthen the body resonance with its frequencies & that of quartz crystal. Hematoid Quartz has been known to help relieve pain, bring tranquility & emotional calm, stabilize circulation energy, clears 'fogginess' in thinking & action, assists in manifesting dreams & supportive in integrating & healing the 'shadow self'.  This is an uplifting resonance encouraging one to 'feel good & even better'. A great companion for mentally active individuals & the honing of brain function clarity.   An increase of grounding frequencies keeps you in the 'now' & receptive to what you are drawing to you while maintaining centeredness, strong intentions & a keen focus.

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