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Rutilated Kunzite The heart of love, healing & transformation from body to soul & back

Rutilated Kunzite

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$ 24.00

The heart of love, healing & transformation from body to soul & back

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A supreme radiance dissolving deeply encrusted lower vibrations in the etheric body, chakras, energy meridian lines, even soul level imprints that are damaged or  destructive.  The latter coming from experiences that left a 'shattering effect' that can be healed & a loving wholeness brought in at all levels.  Kunzite is a premier heart & loving stone.  With the added depth, girth & radiance of the rutilated fibers (amazing energy wave enhancers) this essence can sweep away debre & fill the cleared/healed spaces with a soft gentle loving radiance.  "It repairs the etheric blueprint", even at a 'karmic' or other lifetime level thus allowing you to let go & move into a new desired space of wholeness & self love.  Loving self isn't ego!  No one can love another without honoring self first.  The respect, esteem, worthiness & self confidence that evolves is radiated throughout your entire being.  Self healing brings joy to all the heavens!  This is a heart, love & joy radiating elixir.

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